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Not just theatrics

December, 17, 2012

More than just an essay, the live debate requires that you think on your feet, listen intently and with purpose, evaluate what you hear, make critical decisions about what to present and what to ignore and a cornucopia of other on-the-spot decisions. You saw that in the performances today. Those lucky enough to be “in the hot-seat” had an even more intense learning experience and came away with a better understanding of what it means to do all the above. You, almost all, did well.

Check the previous posting for the rubric I will use to grade your live debates. Download it and plan your debate accordingly. Tomorrow you will have a worksheet that will help you outline all your speeches and show up prepared to do well and fight to the finish when your time comes.

This is not easy. Do it well because it IS difficult.

It is easy to watch others strain and struggle. It is easy to let someone else fight for you. It is easy to not try and wave off criticisms of inferiority as mere scratches in one’s impervious armor of deceit; “indeed, I could have won if I chose to. I didn’t try. I don’t care.” That kind of pablum is for those who never risk anything–honor, courage, dignity, love…nor do they ever gain any of those. Ever on the sidelines, they will live life only wondering what victory really FEELS like. Take part in life. Risk. Reach for greatness in all you do. It is the only satisfaction you will ever know.

Stay calm and carry on.
The Groovy Guru


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