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Not just simple contradiction

December 5, 2012

There’s so much conflict in life
I just don’t want anymore
Dividing us all with its knife
Our emotions washed to the floor

The solution to conflict is grand
Lets the air in by op’ning a door
And cleans up the cobwebs unmanned
Holds our hands when we walk near the shore

Arguments are not the same thing as a shouting match, regardless of what Jerry Springer might say. They have a purpose and form that is logical poetry.

We got notes on arguments today, and did an activity on gum chewing that allowed you to create simple arguments.

Tomorrow we discuss sources.

You have your topics; you should begin researching. We’ll be in the MC all next week, but why wait? Show up with pages already done.

There is no conflict that can’t be solved.
The Groovy Guru


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