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Ding Dong the Bells are Gonna Chime

November 28, 2012

The world is filled with such sorrow. The joy of a wedding day is priceless. You have been honored with the request of your presence on the biggest day of two people’s lives. You bear witness to that joyous ceremony. If you are honored above all others with a request to speak–don’t let them down. Give it your best. Give them your best. You can’t overdo a good speech. It’s like being overdressed–you may stand out, but you look gooooood! If you’re underdressed, you stand out…and you look foolish.

Tomorrow we begin debates. Prepare for hard work! Prepare to learn something powerful.

By the way, if you’ve read ANYTHING about Egypt lately, you’ll recognize Napoleon and his reach for absolute power. It’s not just in books! It’s for real and it’s frightening.

The Groovy Guru


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