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I went down to the demonstration

November 9, 2012

Last day to prep for the demonstration speeches. If you’re stuck for a topic try searching online for demonstration speech topics. You’ll find hundreds! Many won’t work for us as they are too simplistic, to childish or won’t be long enough. Yet, they might help you think of your own new idea.

Remember, all the same rules apply: good intro and conclusion, good eye contact, good body language, good voice, no verbal clutter and now you need to include good visual aides. Refer to the notes we took this week for elements of good visual aides. Look at my comments for your Personal Experience speeches for ways to improve.

If you have expensive visual aides, see me in the morning before school and I’ll lock them up in my cabinets.

The midterm is Monday, November 19 for 3rd hour and Tuesday, November 20 for 2,4,and 6th hours. Buy your bluebooks in the bookstore BEFORE the test. See me if you have any questions or want to arrange a study session.

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