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It’s all about the story

November 2, 2012

Since ancient times the best way to entertain is with stories. From simple narratives to plays and musicals to movies. It’s all about telling a good story.

Does the girl win the guy?

Does the knight defeat the dragon?

Does the child get the adults to believe her?

We all want to know what happens.

A bard was a poet/singer/storyteller who could relate the history of a king and his family. A griot was the traditional keeper of culture in Africa. They knew all the stories and history of an entire society. A medicine man in Native American culture often not only knew cures and medicines, but also the stories and history of his people. Most of Greek culture comes alive not because of the buildings they left behind, but because of the stories they left to us. Those who could tell good stories were “powerful medicine” in any culture.

If you want to host a great party ensure you invite a handful of guests who are willing and able to tell good stories and your next shindig will be a great success. Promise.

Today we finished children’s stories and heard more from The Moth. Monday, you have a chance to tell yours.

Practice, practice, practice.
The Groovy Guru


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