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Don’t Micturate on Me

October 10, 2012

Man returns!

The only way the animals can prevent the return of Jones is to UNITE!  They do and the expulsion of man is complete.  The Battle of the Cowshed is historic. None will ever forget the bravery exhibited on that day…or will they?

We worked on propaganda today.  We created headlines for stories from an Animal Farm newspaper and a human newspaper on the same story.  Facts don’t change, but truth is amorphous.  To the victor goes the spoils…including the ability to write the history.  What history will Napoleon write?

Finish chapter 5 for tomorrow.  Surprises lie in wait for Snowball, and the rest of the animals.

Check out these pigs.

Or this pig.

What a boar


Comrades Unite!

The Groovy Guru


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