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Dreams and Nightmares

October 1, 2012

Reading your stories was like being a kid at the carnival.  The duck pond was always a thrill as a child.  What prize would I get from the duck I chose? A stuffed animal?  A glider? Candy?  Or would I select the blank duck and walk away empty handed?  (I hated the blank duck.)

Many stories were fairly complete, needing only polish to make them shine.

Some were the solid beginnings.  Requiring more work, but certainly headed in the right direction.

Others…well, somebody has to draw the blank duck…I hate the blank duck.

I’ll have general voice comments for all of you in the next few days.  Listen to them as I made them to help you get that good grade.  Also pay attention to the comments your editors gave you.  Whatever they said, it’s at least one person’s opinion and should be considered.

Well, be in the Media Center one last day.  You should consider your peers’ comments and change what you feel you must.  View the rubric I’ve attached to the assignment.  That is how I’ll get your grade.  Do all those things in the rubric to do well on this assignment.
You can  locate it on the assignment Inbox page by clicking on the little grid thingy.

Your final draft is due Sunday night by 11:00 pm.

Write on!

The Groovy Guru


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