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Simple Fears

September 24, 2012

The dark…




We all have our fears. Some simply hide theirs better than others…but they’re there. Our fears make us vulnerable, weak, uncontrolled. Maybe that is what we all fear…losing control. That is what makes Munch’s painting The Scream so disturbing. It is that moment when all reality melts away and insanity takes over and we may be lost in it forever. That’s a pretty bleak and unsettling thought. It’s also very personal and lonely…nobody near him knows he’s losing his mind.

Poltergeist preys on all those simple fears, and perhaps, as a result, on the deeper, darker ones as well. It’s a scary–ish movie. Keep looking deeper and we’ll dig out a theme or two that gives the story some real meaning. Think of what your story says about humanity, about being alive in this world, about what is good and bad and great and terrible. We’ll find it.

Collected Prefix worksheet. Turnitin poem was due Sunday night. I’ll still take them!

Don’t live your lives in fear.

The Groovy Guru


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