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There and Back

September 20, 2012

Martin had a loyal dog to be sure. Traveling through the October country, Dog enjoyed all that Fall has to offer.  Frosty mornings, the full spectrum of trees in their autumn glory, pumpkin patches and cornfields.  What better place for a dog to run?  Few things as nice in this world as a friendly dog.  With nearly seven billion people on earth, we’re too often alone.  When Martin was alone, Dog brought him company…no matter from how far he brought them .  When we are alone, who can we truly count on?  When it’s difficult to do so, who will be there for us?  You can always count on the dog.  Are people as forgiving?  As loyal?  As selfless?  If we are truly blessed they are.

No homework yet again.  But we are starting to get serious about your story.  You can begin writing anytime, just make sure you do all that we have discussed: create a realistic and interesting character, set up a good conflict, place the story in a setting that fits and allows a story to shine and grow, use creative words in a creative way and always show don’t tell.    I’ll be grading you on how well you do ALL those things in one story.  How do you do ALL that?  Check your notes.

Have a Scooby Snack.  You’ve earned it.

The Groovy Guru



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