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September Weekends

September 14,2012

I’m sorry to say that the Colonel is gone
His frail rusty frame withered on
’twas quietly sad to watch the man go
His account so it seems, overdrawn

Now the very last apple that hung to the last
Has fall’n and gone to the dust
His masculine strength disappeared in the fog
No longer can it cling to the past.

We read “The Colonels Last Journey” and discussed conflict.

External conflict=something observable the character wants
Internal conflict=the reason why the character needs it

Externally, the Colonel wanted to hear the sounds of Mexico City to remind him of the days he was young and strong and didn’t have this withered, old body. Internally, he needed to gain control of his life again.

With your character:
1. Figure out his/her need,
2. Establish WHY s/he needs it
3. Provide complications that make it difficult to attain it.

That is a conflict.

We also did work on connotations/denotations.

For your short stories you should have a character bio and a description of your conflict and complications.

The homework for Monday is to go to LiveBinders and read”The Cask of Amontillado” and answer the questions.

Here’s to the frailty that comes for all men,
The Groovy Guru


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