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Tiny Tragedies

September 13, 2012

Margot may have been merely a girl in the dark, but the memories of life’s little cruelties lurk in the dark recesses of our minds like a scared and lonely child. I feel Margot’s suffering. I, too, miss the sun in grey dreary shivers of winter.

You answered questions about “All Summer in a Day” and created a character sketch about the character you’ll set into your story. Hopefully, you create someone you care about and enjoy working with as you write.

We also created a character as a class: Tammy, Marcus and Phillip. Interesting characters all. I collected the sheet “Who’s Doing What?” and that was that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the participation, energy and work you put into today’s discussion and review. If we continue to show up this well prepared all year, there’s no telling how much we can accomplish.

Be excellent to each other.
The Groovy Guru


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