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Appearance and Reality TV

September 12,2012

Reality TV is anything but.

Behind the scenes producers manipulate people, create conflict where one did not exist and kids with no jobs couldn’t possibly afford to live in huge oceanside houses…ok, if their show becomes a success they can until they blow all that dough.

Being real isn’t as easy as you’d think. How many of us show one side of ourselves to a person and then show a different side about that person to others?

Madame Lantin was not what she appeared to be, but then neither was her hubby. Should we all be brutally honest with one another? Little white lies are still lies. It doesn’t really matter as we believe what we want to believe anyway.

We did the Who’s Doing What? worksheet in class and I’ll collect it tomorrow.

Your homework is to log into LiveBinders and read All Summer in a Day, answer the questions about the story and create a character sketch about a character who will be in your short story. All due tomorrow! That appears like a lot, but let’s get real–you’ve had almost NO homework yet.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

The Groovy Guru

“All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.”


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