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The Groovy Guru and You

September 6, 2012

The leaves are doing their best, but they can’t hold back the chill forever.  They appear like tiny dead soldiers in the battle for summer strewn across the lawns and walks.  The cold will win.  The dark will return.

…yet, I have faith, the warm sun will prevail again.

Today was all business.

We began the Daily Sentence.  Know how to make all the corrections each day.  No collecting…no grade…no hassles.  Just make sure you know how to do each one.  The ball’s in your court.

We took notes on Cornell Notes, or as I referred to it in class–“Notes on notes is like academic inbreeding.”  Once more, no grade on notes, no checking if you use it.  Just a recommendation and hopefully you saw the benefit.  It’s up to you to use it or not.  I trust, you enjoyed the odd curiosities of Lincoln/Kennedy.

Some of you got a chance to find out about me and I got a a chance to find out a tiny bit about many of you.  Understanding each other can lead to great things in life for the whole world.

Pretest tomorrow!  I know–I, too, can scarcely contain myself.

Remember to have parents sign the Graduation Requirements sheet and the Movie Permission slip.  If they have any questions they can easily contact me at  You MUST turn in both.


The Groovy Guru


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