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That wasn’t so bad after all

September 5, 2012

Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event.  The first day back is always tough, but as Jeffrey Lebowski says, “You gotta feed the monkey.”  In order for us to reach the end of the year, we must start.  And the best place to start is at the beginning.

Today was easy:  expectations sheet; instructions for remind101, this blog and  We discussed good teachers and bad students and everyone in between.  The only work we did was to create a four line rhyming poem about a good teacher/student or bad teacher/student.  We’ll turn that in eventually on turnitin.  Here’s my poem.

Jake was a kid at the front of my class

He never gave me any grief

A’s were a thing he could never amass

Thus, his share of success was quite brief

Yeah.  I know.  This is why I don’t make a living as a poet.  Hey, it rhymes.

What’s ahead?  The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades: Cornell Notes, pretest and Symbolic Art.  Assigned seats are on the horizon, but so are some great short stories.

Be groovy


Sunrise on Beaver Island, Michigan



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